Ms. Susi Press

Susi is a native of Bavaria, Germany, having come to to the US two years ago. She is a fitness enthusiast and is currently studying for her RN certification.

Susi is a Personal Trainer and lifestyle coach who's clients range from elite athletes to beginners just trying to learn proper exercise form.

Her goal is to help everyone at 209 Fitness achieve their best, personal level of fitness whether it's recovering from an injury or preparing for their first triathlon.

Susi is a model of the fitness lifestyle and is adept at areobic, strength and anareobic conditioning. 

One client put it best when he said "Susi is a trainer, coach, motivator and example of what a fitness lifestyle can bring.  If she can't help get you in shape, no one can."


Mr. Chris Kross

As owner of 209 Fitness, a private gym and nutrition consulting business, I am a certified fitness instructor through the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.  I have a background in health and fitness and as an athlete having played football, basketball, and baseball throughout high school in Chicago and baseball in college at the University of Memphis.  I have competed in four Pennsylvania Police Olympics Toughest Competitor Alive (TCA) competitions earning one bronze, two silvers, and a gold medal (2006) in these TCA competitions.

I have also competed in many World Police and Fire Games, earning a bronze medal in the Toughest Competitor Alive competition in Australia in 2007 and a bronze in Ireland in 2013.

I have coached youth sports (football, basketball, baseball) for over 12 years.  My passion for teaching youths the fundamentals and benefits of athletic competition will carry over at 209 Fitness.  I will be conducting "Fundamentals of Weight Lifting for Kids" clinics at the gym.  I will also be instructing another new class on nutrition called "Nutrition 101" for both adults and teens.  

I hold a Master's of Science Degree from the University of Memphis in Parks and Recreation.

"A Fitness Center You Can Afford"